Below is a list of project reports. For a review of projects and meetings during the final phase of the project, please refer to the seminars and conference page.

No. 11 - December 2009
No. 10 - December 2008
No. 9 - December 2007
No. 8 - December 2006
No. 7 - December 2005
No. 6 - December 2004
No. 5 - December 2003
No. 4 - December 2002
No. 3 - October 2001
No. 2 - October 2000
No. 1 - February 2000

Ahead of the Curve: A Series on Development Pioneers at the United Nations, which draws on the UN Intellectual History Project, is being published in the UN Chronicle. Richard Jolly contributes to the first section in the series with his article, "Hans Singer: The Gentle Giant of UN Economists."

Contribution by Thomas G. Weiss to the World Federation of United Nations Associations Newsletter (WFUNA) newsletter, UN Connections - Issue No. 56.




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United Nations Intellectual History Project

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